Lewis B.

Being able to work together as a family has been a blessing for top producer RVP Lewis B. Jr. and his three sons, Lewis III, Michael, and David. Lewis Jr. started in the insurance business at the age of 16 where he would go to work for his parents. Later on, he graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in insurance. Lewis Jr. was in the mortgage business before he looked into the final expense industry. He was ready for a change and saw the opportunity with Senior Life in 2014 while at the home office chatting with President Ron Powell. Fast forwarding, he is now one of the top producers in the Senior Life family that continues to expand his team and numbers.

Lewis B. III shares that it is incredible working together as a family. His father has taught him how to be relentless and to work hard. It is an advantage for him working in the industry because of the energy level he has and being able to work longer. In the next 10–25 years, he sees a significant amount of income coming in. Lewis III enjoys the freedom and flexibility that he has working with Senior Life because it is amazing. “It’s a dream come true,” he says.

Lewis B. and family

Michael mentions that he enjoys working as a family and that he wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. What he enjoys the most about working with his father and brothers is that he gets to create memories and spend quality time with them while he is still young. Michael has always been interested in business because growing up that’s what he has seen his father do. “My father has taught me to stay focused on things I can control”, says Michael. He likes being able to make his schedule and not having to worry about being somewhere for a set schedule.

David states that it is amazing working with family, and he loves it. He enjoys it because he gets to spend time with his family. He sees being so young in the business as an advantage and he thinks it’s great. His father has taught him to be a great businessman and a “mans-man”. David shares, “My father loves to dance and have a good time outside of work”. He enjoys having a flexible schedule because he gets to make his schedule while helping people at the same time.

Lewis Jr. does an amazing job at being a great role model for his six children and the agents in his team. He continues to make it in the top RVP’s list every month. He shares that having the right people with you and the right opportunity at the right time is unbelievable. He believes that you should always strive for excellence. Lewis Jr. looks for people who are hungry for an opportunity and he makes sure that they succeed. He is single-mindedly focused on the amount of money he can help agents make along with helping people in the community. When he recruits new agents, he looks for people who have some form of success in their lifetime and he helps them expand that into further greatness by using the proven system. Prayer has been something that has helped Lewis Jr. in his business career. He comes from a Christian background and believes if you pray hard for what you want, then you will get it. His long-term goal is to reach 100 million sooner rather than later. He plans to accomplish this by continuing to recruit, helping people with insurance, and helping agents make money. The day Lewis Jr. decided to join the Senior Life family is when he started living the dream.

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