Jacquilla “Boss Lady”

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3 min readSep 22, 2020

What makes a true leader? Is it talent? Is it connections? No, it’s determination, a passion for excellence, and a desire to share your success with those around you.

These are all of the things that have helped Jacquilla rise to the top and be affectionately known as “Boss Lady.”

To better understand the magnitude of Jacquilla’s success, you must first look back on the road she traveled to get where she is today. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida in a low-income community called Goulds. Neither of her parents held a degree, which motivated Jacquilla to do everything she could to graduate.

Shortly after graduating high school, Jacquilla gave birth to her first daughter. This new blessing put life in a whole new perspective and added to the drive she had to succeed. She enrolled in school to obtain her Associate’s degree and become a Pharmacy Technician. While in school she worked two jobs before settling into her role at the Department of Homeland Security as a Transportation Security Officer. During her time with Homeland Security, Jacquilla would give birth to her second daughter. Now a mother of two, she realized that her current position wasn’t enough to provide the life she wanted for both her children.

Jacquilla kept taking steps to improve her outcomes by enrolling in school to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in business administration. While in school she continued in her role as a Transportation Security Officer, and though she received several promotions, after 16 years with DHS it was time for a change.

The stability of her career was not enough to make up for the fast-paced life they were forced to live. As a single mother, there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to get everything done and still take the time to chaperone field trips, drop her daughters off at school, or even make breakfast. Missing out on these priceless moments with her two girls caused her to make a decision that would completely change the three of their lives for the better.

“I had faith in myself that I could make it happen. I had a mortgage and countless household bills to pay, but I stuck to the system and it worked.”

While attending a wedding, Jacquilla was introduced to the opportunity of becoming an insurance agent. This conversation led her to make a very tough decision to leave the predictability of a 9–5. She had risen in the ranks at DHS and was a head of the payroll department, but that couldn’t make up for the time she was missing with her girls.

That day, Jacquilla decided to bet on herself and her ability to make it happen for her family. After a short stint with another company, she reached out to Marc T. and joined the Senior Life family. As soon as she joined Senior Life Insurance Company, she immediately noticed the difference. The support she would receive from her manager Marc T. paired with the support from the Home Office would help her take her career to a level she hadn’t previously experienced. She can now take her youngest daughter to school, visit her oldest daughter at college, cover private college tuition, and enjoy all of the special moments in her daughters’ lives. Her schedule is entirely up to her and she can change and rearrange it at the drop of a hat.

This was the opportunity she had been looking for. This was her way to change her family for generations and provide a legacy of wealth for her children. Now, Jacquilla shares this opportunity with others by hosting seminars and helping people get licensed. Her success has allowed her to pay it forward by taking other people under her wing and showing them how to replicate her results simply by plugging into Senior Life’s proven system.



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