Bianca M.

In The Blake Group, she’s known as the “Lady on Fire.” Bianca M. has proven over and over that this is a well-deserved title for her. When she sets a goal, there is no question that she will achieve it. Bianca joined Senior Life Insurance Company in May of 2019 and has been a hardworking, dedicated agent ever since. She found Senior Life through David P. after losing her job and questioning her career path. Bianca, Jen C., and David P. worked together at a previous job, so she had a relationship with them prior to Senior Life. David told her about the success that Jen C. had after joining, and Bianca says, “He actually came to my house, and he handed me the iPad and said, ‘Here, write yourself a policy.’ I was able to write myself a policy without asking any questions and he was like, ‘Okay, you’re trained. We can get you contracted and get you working.’ And I was thinking wow, that’s really simple.” Bianca knew that this would be a great opportunity for her, being a single mom. She liked that she would be able to control her income and her time. She saw the success that David and Jen had, and realized that she too could take control of her own success. Bianca expresses that it helped to start out with people she knew, Jen and David. Bianca says, “The reason why I’ve been able to be so successful is that I trust him, I believe in him, and anything he tells me to do, I do it because I trust him.” Bianca has a great support system behind her.

David says, “Bianca’s amazing success is a direct result of how coachable she is attached to a good worth ethic and positive attitude.”

Bianca set the standard for herself in the beginning. First, she became the number one agent in the country, then she became the number one salesperson on the phone, and now she’s broken the record for most production in a week. When she started, Bianca thought that she only wanted to be an agent part-time, but she quickly realized that this career came easily to her. “Even my second month I was with Senior Life, I was number one in the country in June. I told myself, ‘I’m going to be number one agent, and I was.’ Anything that I put my mind to, I typically go after it.” Bianca broke the record for the most personal production in a week last week. She says, “To break the record made me feel very empowered. That I did something that apparently nobody else has been able to do. It made me really believe in myself that anything I set my mind to if I put in the work, I could do it. That’s basically what this business has shown me. It doesn’t take talent; it doesn’t matter who’s special. It’s about who’s willing to work the hardest. Anybody who’s willing to put in the work can achieve the exact same goal.” Bianca says that her success in breaking this goal was also possible from her overwhelming support system. “All the support from the Home Office and everybody cheering me on and believing in me, really helped me to believe in myself and realize that I really can do this.” David talks about how he never doubted that she could reach her goal. “When she told me she wanted to break the company record, I had no doubt that she would do it. This is because she simply figured out how many leads it would take to do it. She then got the leads and went to work!” Bianca says that she watched a video of Joey, who previously broke the record, and listened to how he did it. “I literally did what he did, and I got the results. I figured out how many leads that I needed to be able to get that amount of production. I got the leads and followed the system. I went to work. You know, I basically did what I do normally. I just got more leads and I got laser-focused.” RVP Doug B. says, “It was done before she started because she decided she would and told me that she was going to do it.” Bianca has no trouble achieving her goals. She is a dedicated, hard worker, and doesn’t stop until she reaches her goal.


Bianca’s next goal is to build her agency up. “Last month I did the most that I’ve ever done. Every month I’m getting better and better, and I want to be where David is by the end of the year.” Bianca continues to grow and work towards her goals. David says, “It has been a true blessing watching Bianca go from a newly licensed agent to a superstar producer and an amazing manager in such a short period of time. I wish more people would take advantage of this opportunity the way Bianca has.” Bianca has a great work ethic, and in turn, spends most of her time working on her career. Because of this, she builds relationships with those she works with. She says, “I enjoy working with Jen, Doug, and David. Really everybody in Louisiana because most of us knows each other. We’ve become like a family, and it’s fun to work with your family. We always have a lot of fun, and we love and support each other. We all want to see each other win. To have people that support me and believe in me, it makes me feel really special.” Doug says, “Bianca is a very special person, agent, manager, mother, friend and I am blessed to have her as part of our family. Don’t tell anyone, but she’s my favorite.” Bianca also has tremendous support from her family at home. She says, “I wouldn’t be able to do what I’ve done without them. They really support me, they encourage me, they help me out with the kids. It takes a village. That’s a big reason why I am successful.”


Bianca believes that anyone can be successful if they put the work in. “For new agents or somebody who’s struggling: It’s really about following the system. Getting the right amount of leads, doing the right number of presentations, and depending on your mentors and your support system. Also, just showing up and going to work every day.” Bianca is so great at doing her job because she sees it as a way to help people. She’s always had a passion for helping people who have a need. “That’s also why I’m so successful because I genuinely care about the people that I’m talking to and I try to make them feel special. I try to be there for them and not just try to make a sale.” Bianca is also a very spiritual person. She says, “When I put God first, everything else typically falls into place… I think it’s very cool getting to work for a company that puts God first. There are a lot of believers in the company and I think that’s important, and it’s a great thing to be a part of.”

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